25 Reasons to Use the Workbook

25 Reasons to Use
the Workbook

1. With this Workbook, you can transfer all your ideas onto paper step by step

2. This is a proven approach to the plot development. 

3. You will not be distracted by messengers and social networks. 

4. You can work on several Workbooks simultaneously and develop several stories at once.

5. The Workbook will not let a single idea of yours fall through the cracks. 

6. You immediately know which section to use to write down your ideas

7. You can take it with you to the park, on a business trip, use it on an airplane or at the beach. 

8. It includes all the steps of the Story-Flash technology described in this book. 

9. The Workbook will be your guide in developing the story and its characters. 

10. It will be helpful to those who are new to screenwriting (or writing) as well as to professionals. 

11. This is the best way to focus on the task of developing a story. 

12. It is perfect for use when you are away from your computer or tired of constantly looking at the screen. 

13. You can always keep it handy.

14. It is great for children or teenagers who want to write stories or books, but do not know where to start. 

15. You will always be ready for a flash of inspiration

16. This Workbook will help you develop the plot quicker than you’ve ever imagined

17. Writer’s block becomes a thing of the past because now you always know what the next step is in the development of your story. 

18. You will forget what it means to have no inspiration

19. This is your partner in the plot development. Together you can make the story so profound and multifaceted that it would be possible to write a script or a novel based on it. 

20. You will completely eliminate the confusion in your head

21. You can transfer all your ideas onto paper and get a clear structure for your plot

22. You will have a strong plot with no "holes" or "inconsistencies".

23. The Workbook is going to save you from weeks of “the throes of writing”

24. It will save your precious time

25. It will let you use your imagination to the fullest extent!