The plot development technology consists of four main stages: 

1. STORY Development.

In this step the story itself is created: its main events, characters and conflicts.

2. Creating the Story STRUCTURE. 

Here all the essential details and events are carefully worked out, the sequence of events is determined. 

3. CHARACTER Development 

Goals, motivation, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

4. ENHANCEMENT of the Story 

— increasing the degree of tension in order to "glue" the reader to the book or viewer to the screen. 

These four stages form a SYSTEM that allows you to develop the story, characters and plot lines. 

I called this system "Story-Flash", "which can also be paraphrased as a “story in a flash.” It will help you write a screenplay, story or book. 

The Story-Flash system did not appear out of thin air. It’s the result of studying and applying the Hollywood technologies for many years. As I wrote my own screenplays and books, the Story-Flash proprietary technology was created and perfected.

Initially I developed this technology while working on a fantasy series Intangibleworld. Later I applied it to my book "Money Rules" and in the development of the board game with the same name. When I saw that hundreds of thousands of online users read my Story-Flash articles within several months and watched the success of my seminar’s attendees, I decided to systematize my know-how and published this very book you are now reading.

Story-Flash is a step-by-step technology. Its purpose is to let your imagination run free, help you develop ideas and devise the plot from A to Z. 

How important is this technology to your creativity? 

In his bestseller Story, the screenwriting guru Robert McKee said that 75 percent of creative effort represented in a finished work goes into designing story. This is three-quarters of the author's efforts! The Story-Flash technology is specifically dedicated to this part of your creativity. How much value will it have for YOU? Its application will tell.